Merlot Jell-O

    I really can't take much credit for creativity, only a bit for using materials at hand.
    Family was assembling for a holiday dinner and there was an open spot on the menu where dessert would be.  In a flash of impulsive grocery spending, I'd acquired a pomegranate.  There may have been a bit of wine tasting, and a moment of inattention at bedtime the evening before, which resulted in leaving a third of a bottle of perfectly fine Merlot uncorked on the countertop overnight.  
    So I sifted a large box of raspberry Jell-O into a bowl, poured a cup of boiling water into it and added Merlot to make up the rest of the liquid.  Then I stirred in all the seeds from the pomegranate, a huge one.  
    Poured it into two glass bowls so they'd fit better into the overpopulated refrigerator, and it was wonderful: sweet with the raspberry but tart with a powerful, sharp, non-sweet edge from the bitter pomegranate seeds and the rich Merlot.
    Kind of drinks & dessert all in one.
You know
how so many good recipes
begin with "Pour a cup of wine into the cook"?