Potato Salad


It’s 1971.  I have a 2-room apartment and I’m ready to get cooking.  The gas stove is the first I’ve ever seen, and I have to wash dishes in the sink of the bathroom down the hall. I discover ramen noodles, buy tart small apples cheap by the bagful, and mostly live on cereal and toast.  I am anemic.  I solicit recipes for simple basic things, and this is one that hasn’t changed in a long long time. 


Mix one-fourth cup (3 Tablespoons) vinegar, same amount of milk, and half cup of Miracle Whip.  Add salt and pepper and a big squirt of mustard. 


Cut 3 large potatoes into chunks half an inch or smaller.  Boil till barely cooked – don’t overcook them. 


Hardboil 6 eggs.  Rinse, shell the eggs, cut them up. 


Mix well,  salt to taste, wave the pepper shaker at it.  Chill.


I often add some unsweetened plain yogurt to this, and you can replace some or all of the vinegar with lemon juice.