Rice Krispie Bars

Make sure you have everything (AKA, first assemble your ingredients).
Nothing worse than having a sugar jones and heating up the stove and making a medium-sized mess only to discover you have only a half-cup of stale Grape Nuts.

So have butter, real butter, and six cups of Rice Krispies (plain generic-brand crappy ones are just fine too) and marshmallows and a clean big nonstick pan and a long spoon and a heatproof oven mitt and some waxed paper (or a cake pan, coated inside with shortening or butter).  And a little chocolate standing by.

In a big enough pan, melt a stick of butter.
Have another in reserve*

When it's melted, put in a bag of miniature marshmallows.
Don't walk away.  Stir them lazily with a nice nonstick spoon, till they surrender and all melt into a soupy white goo.

Pour in the bowl full of six cups of Rice Krispies you measured out ahead of time. If you got one of the big bags of marshmallows, add more cereal so it's not a pan of Rice Krispie Soup.

Now, if you want just a little extra flavor, dump in a few chocolate chips or chunks of crushed up Easter or Halloween candy or...this is great...Cocoa Krispies (pictured). 

Mix it up quick quick QUICK and then wearing your oven mitt wield the pan in one hand while you scoop it all out with the spoon into your greased cake pan, or onto the big piece of waxed paper that you've pre-treated by using your *second stick of butter like a big square crayon to grease it.

Once it's out of the pan, (turn off the stove burner and put the pan down) quick get your fingers greasy with more butter and flatten the stuff out, in the cake pan or on the waxed paper.

Let it cool before you cut it up and eat it.


6 cups Krispies
1 bag mini marshmallows
2 sticks butter (1 can be partial)
nonstick pan
nonstick spoon
greased cake pan or wax paper